Mastiff Studios Makers Market

Artisan Market Place

Creating community through the arts.  

Come join us.

June and July

Thursday-Sunday 10-4


Saturdays 10-4

2919 W. Colorado Ave.

Colorado Springs

About the Artisan Market Place

The Artisan Market Place is a cottage industry collective that features extraordinary artisans from Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.  Located at 2919 West Colorado Avenue in a quaint 1899 home next to the amazing  Trails End Taproom restaurant, the shop features indoor and outdoor seating, a gorgeous view  of the Pikes Peak, indoor and outdoor vendor areas, as well as a relaxing atmosphere.  In fact, the goal of the market is to have our guests come for a visit with fabulous creatives to create a community based around the arts.

This is a pop-up style arts and crafts market that will have different vendors during the weekends depending on the sign-up, so the shop is always changing.  Artisans are always present to discuss their work with patrons.  When you shop at the Artisan Market Place, you will know how your item was made, who made it, and any interesting stories behind the work.

Special invitation:

We are especially aware of the needs of those of us who have physical limitations.  The owner of the market struggles with Multiple Sclerosis.  If you are concerned that your family or friends are being held back by your lack of ability, no worries.  Come on over.  There are three steps to get inside.  The old building has an amazing swamp cooler to keep you cool in the summer.  Definitely wear a sweater in the winter because it is chilly.  You are welcome to hang out during business hours.  There is seating and excellent company. If you get hungry, the restaurant next door makes some great food.  Let you family hike the Manitou Incline while you enjoy the charms of Old Colorado City.  

If you would like more information, please email 

Have a wonderful day!

Events (rental or structured event)

Mastiff Studios Makers Market has a small rental area with a good outdoor space that is cemented.  If you are looking for place to host an event on the West Side, call 303-656-1428 or stop by the shop.

The space can be rented for you to host an event, or we can coordinate your event and provide an art based activity that can be catered to your needs.

Craftsman and Artisans

If you are interested in becoming a featured artisan, please email


Visit to see all of the class offereings.